Born: 1999
Financial adoption: Allersma – de Groot, Holland; Anette Flemming, Germany.
Aaron arrived in the beginning of the year 2006 and was transferred from the orphanage in Accra. He then was five, maybe six, years old. Aaron suffers from cerebral palsy with a moderate paresis of both legs. However, considering his energy level, we think that eventually he will learn to walk independently or at least move independently. He probably has a slight intellectual handicap as well, which may slow down his motor development as compared to the other kids with cerebral palsy. With all his energy he misses a natural sense of direction which comes from deliberate understanding. Aaron is a friendly and sociable child. He does not thrive unless there are people around him and he is involved with other kids or caregivers. So… you always see him where the people are.
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