Kwame Evans

Born: 1994

Financial adoption: Diny Schagen van Leeuwen, The Netherlands.

Evans lived with his family in the village and attended school until Primary 4. In January 2008 when he was sixteen years old, his mother brought him to us and asked if he could work at the sheltered workshop which we gladly consented. Evans works primarily in the bead workshop, where he stays focused on the hip strings he is making – but not so focused as to leave out a warm smile when he looks around and catches your eyes. He is happy stringing the beads, but he has hopes of joining the weavers in the future. Evans makes sure he is the first to wake up and as a result other boys wake up early as well, ready, thanks to Evans, to do their morning chores. He has quickly made some friends among the boys at the workshop and shows leadership potential. His mother has not been visiting him and is so hard to get hold of the family that we more or less consider Evans as one of the permanent residents of our PCC Hand in hand Community.

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