Mirjam Klap

Dear PCC, dear lovely children, dear lovely caregivers and dear everyone,
Staying at PCC was one off the greatest experiences in my life!
It’s really, really wonderful to see how much love and attention these beautiful children receive, it’s amazing!
I worked 3 months as a volunteer and it was really great to be a part of the big PCC family!
I want to say: a big Thank You to everyone in PCC!
To all the lovely caregivers who take care of all these children with so much love day in day out. Also for all funny moments I had with you when we went to the market together or we played a game in the evening, and for the pleasant conversations every day! I am grateful that I have a lot of contact with you over the phone!
To all wonderful children who made my day so beautiful every day, all the nice and sometimes challenging special attentions, the many kisses and hugs, it was really enjoying!
To the cleaners who cleaned our house every day until it was neat and clean.
To the hostesses Edna and Rita for all delicious food in the restaurant
To Mr Baffo for helping me with all important matters concerning papers and the residence permit.
To the security men who watched over us every night and also removed a lot of big spiders from my bedroom (( hihi 😉
To Joe Emma for all his concern, for the fine conversations and for all good advices. You are very important for this great family.
Ineke, you created something so beautiful there!!
Albert and Jeannette thank you for giving me this great opportunity. You may be so proud about this fantastic family!
I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful time I will never forget in my whole life!
And I hope I can see you all again, very soon.
Lots of love,
from volunteer Mirjam Klap
From Holland