A hard time for PCC


Recently PCC was hit quite unexpectedly by an outbreak of a (probably viral) infection

and as a result a lot of our residents as well as a good number of our caregivers became quite sick.


The most important symptoms of these infections were: high fever, pains all over  the body, more cough and also gastro-enteritis. Several children and also some caregivers had to go to the hospital for treatment.


Most children, like Miriam, Tobias, Paul and Markus recovered slowly but certainly and have all been discharged from the Hospital, but unfortunately that was not the case with Kojo Patrick.

He had already been very sick some time ago. After that he had recovered but he had not yet regained full strength.


As a result of the high fever this time he also got more epileptic seizures. Normally his epilepsy was well regulated by anti-epileptic drugs, but the high fever disturbed that delicate balance.


He was therefore admitted in the Hospital and initially he seemed to recover a bit, but obviously he had got quite some fluids in his lungs after his vomiting during the epileptic seizures.

Because of that his condition worsened seriously and after a few more days he died in the Hospital because of an aspiration pneumonia.


A sad loss for our Community. Still the hard time is not yet over in PCC, as Abena is not doing well at the moment. In fact, she is already for quite some time gradually less strong and healthy.


Kojo Patrick was about 20 years old and he has been living in PCC – Hand in Hand for 16 years. He came to PCC from Osu Childrens Home in Accra in 2008.




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Kojo was spastic and he also couldn’t speak well, he just produced some sounds, but he was quite well able to make clear what he wanted.

His nickname was Kojo Charm, because he was very well able to smile in a lovely way, was eager to blow you a kiss (which he would then ask it from you in return…!) and he also loved to hug you every morning tightly.


However, there was also another side of Kojo Patrick. Sometimes – and not always for an obvious reason – he could become very angry.

His face was like thunder and in his hand he would then almost always carry a stick or a stone, which he threatened to use against the one he was angry with.


Luckily enough it wasn’t always very difficult to cool down his temper and soon after he would go down on his knees, begging for a handshake as sign of reconciliation and forgiveness.

As a result of his spasticity he was not always able to eat well without spilling some of the food. Though things were going quite well in general he preferred someone to help him with the food.

When it so happened he would show a triumphant face and radiate: “you see, I managed it again”!


Very unfortunate Kojo is no more and we will surely miss his smile, happiness and enthusiasm in PCC.

We hope and pray that from now on he may find eternal rest in the arms of his Heavenly Father.


Farewell, Kojo, rest in peace.