Born: 12th July 1987

Financial adoption: Marleen van Vugt and family


Early 2011 Bridget joined our Sheltered Workshop as a new employee. Initially she was on probation, but very fast she proved to fit in very well, in the workshop and at PCC. Bridget is already a bit older, born in 1987, and comes from the Wenchi area. Her father died a long time ago and her mother is a farmer. From the 3rd month of her life she is spastic, but she has a normal intelligence. She even went to school, up to the 2nd class of the Junior High School. However, as a result of her handicap she can’t write very well and, probably even more important, she is not fully accepted and has hardly a chance in the Ghanaian society, which is (still) not geared to labour participation of people with a disability. Sadly, but true. Bridget enjoys working in the workshop, she even got a (much desired) spot behind a weaving-loom. We also hope she can learn to work on a hand sewing machine, may be this can help her in future to become independent and take care of her own livelihood. For now that is not yet the case and she stays 9 months per year in the Girls Dormitory, where Bernice is her biggest girlfriend. For PCC Bridget is very special, we don’t have so many children who have reading and mathematics as hobbies …..! She is also very keen in using the computer at the education Centre, it helps her writing her own letters! She enjoys being here so much that she wants to stay here during the holiday. Would it not be beautiful, if Bridget can obtain her own place in the Ghanaian society through PCC! We will try hard go get it working.