Samuel Owusu

Born: 1989

Financial adoption: Esther en Allard Allersma, Belgium.


Samuel came to the Sheltered Workshop of PCC in June 2007. Before then he attended the Shalom Special School behind our premises. Samuel takes his work very seriously and can do it independently. He has a somewhat short attention span. When he is not concentrated he starts making nonsense and teasing other children. He has even been known to throw a fit to be allowed to sleep for a while. Samuel is a very friendly and calm boy and he doesn’t like talking or conversation too much. Perhaps that is why it is hard to understand his words. It is often necessary to have him repeat himself. When he grows up, “will be big”, Samuel wants to be a Pastor. He enjoys music and dancing and prefers to eat rice. His best friend Bright is also working at the workshop. They are like “Siamese twins”; you will hardly ever find one without the other nearby.


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