Born: 1st June 1988

Financial adoption: Nieske van der Meer, Nederland.


Abigail has been at the workshop since 2005. She enjoys her work immensely and can do it independently. As a very neat person she enjoys cleaning the workshop and the community place. Abigail is a generally quiet person and because of her outgoing personality she has many friends in the workshop. Abigail is stubborn and once she makes decisions she likes to adhere to them. This is a typical characteristic of persons with Down’s syndrome. She may for example decide to wear one article of clothing for a very long time and it takes a lot of convincing to get her to change. She is also notorious for keeping other person’s clothing in her bag! So watch the clothes line! Abigail loves to sing and dance. She always gets an enthusiastic applause when, during our many parties, she swings around with her steady dance partner, Yaw Johnson.


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