Yaw Johnson

Born: 1999

Financial adoption:


Yaw has been one of the first boys to benefit from the Sheltered Workshop where he works since 2004. He can concentrate well but not very long so he takes little breaks in between the ‘official breaks’ to get rid of his excess energy. If Yaw hears music, he just has do dance, even with needle and bead in his hand. Yaw can be absolutely stubborn and if his mind is made up, there is no way to change it. He doesn’t like fighting and calls everyone his brother or sister. However once in a while he can deal out a ‘quick hit’ to restore his authority. Because he is strong this may result in someone else crying! He likes to dress nicely (even with the caregivers clothes!) and be like a gentleman, and actually he’s a bit like a ‘ladies man” who just has to dance with the girls, especially with Abigail.


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