Kofi Baidu

Born: 3.03.88

Financial adoption: fam. de Graaf – de Bruyne, Holland


the workshop, Kofi is very independent and hard working. He also likes to tell others to work. Cleaning the compound and playing football are other activities he enjoys doing. He is the “Key Master” and loves to hold the keys to the workshop and open the doors and the offices. He works hard in the beading room and in the processing center. He is a very neat person and keeps things tidy by sweeping a lot. Kofi likes to laugh a lot but also he can be very stubborn. Kofi at times shows compulsive behavior. Often he packs and unpacks his bags for hours at a stretch. He doesn’t like to be forced or commanded. However if you address him in a polite and gentle way he melts and will do anything for you.
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