Charles Boasie

Born: 29.2.1985

Financial adoption: We are looking for a monthly €25 sponsor for Charles


Charles sleeps with the other boys of the workshop in the boy’s dormitory. He takes very good care of himself. During working hours he is proud to sit behind his own special loom, weaving the most beautiful colors and patterns. He weaves the larger “broad” kente cloth. He prefers this to the narrow kente strips. He is a very talented weaver and he knows it! He often comes to the assistance of others in the weaving room and in the bead room. He works independently and will only ask for help if he is completely stuck. He is a very cheerful and communicative guy. All of the workers in the weaving workshop enjoy each other’s company. He will always greet you with a friendly smile when you enter the weaving room. Charles understands everybody very well, but it is quite difficult to understand him. Only when you get used to his speech you may start to understand his words. In the mornings he helps to sweep the compound and he loves playing football during the morning exercises and any other time when he gets a chance.